I have been straining my eyes and stretching my neck to see if I could spot Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC national leader and Chairman, APC Presidential Campaign Council, at any of the campaign rallies held so far by the ruling party in different parts of the country, but I did not see him anywhere around.

Then, I started wondering and asking what would have gone wrong: were my eyes were deceiving me, or did the man simply decide to keep himself away from the campaign rallies?

When he was setting up his Presidential Campaign Council in Abuja, President Muhammadu Buhari named Ahmed Tinubu as chairman, and said the former Lagos State Governor would be in charge of the campaigns, while he himself would continue to focus on governance, since he would not want his job of governing the country to suffer on account of the campaigns.

Even though some of us had protested, that it looked awkward for Buhari to run his campaign by proxy, all the same, we are yet to spot Tinubu in any of the campaign rallies held so far, while Buhari himself was everywhere campaigning, perhaps, for Mr. Great Ogboru, who he handed over the “Presidential Campaign Flag”.

However, a few days after Tinubu was named Chairman of Buhari Campaign Council, we started reading from some online platforms, that the great Jagaban was indisposed, that he actually collapsed, but was rushed to the hospital.

As if to dispel that rumour, Tinubu showed his face on the day of the formal inauguration of the Campaign Council by Buhari. We were happy. But thereafter, we did not see him again.

Can someone therefore help us with the unexplained absence of Bola Ahmed Tinubu so far, at various APC campaign rallies?

We strongly believe that if the great Tinubu were to be in these rallies, President Buhari would not have given out the APC “flag of honour to our Presidential Candidate, our Senatorial Candidate, our Gobvernotorial Candidate”, while Adams Oshiomole would not have openly confessed that “if you join the APC, your sins are forgiven”.

We need somebody who would tie their reckless tongues up, who would keep them in check. Tinubu would have done that perfectly, were he to be around. That’s why we need him very urgently.

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  1. Remember that Tinibu is an old man. You said that rumour has it that he ones collapsed, do you want him to die before you know that he is a spent grain. However, he was seen on 18/1/19 carrying a broom in the tv

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