Tell me your friend, and I will tell you who you are. Incompetence, plus incompetence, that’s what we have in Nigeria today. And that is the reason why the the country is sliding, not progressing, why everything is on the downward trend.

When we say that our President is not performing, it is because the man has surrounded himself with many incompetent hands, people who could hardly distinguish their right hand from their left, sycophants, and social misfits.

Yakubu Gowon said many years ago that no leader is bad, but that they are made bad by their lieutenants, those who surround them. Gowon realized this only after he was booted out of office as Military Head of State.

Whoever had recruited Garba Shehu as spokesperson for the Presidency, had done great disservice, not only to that reverred office, but to the nation at large. It is a bastardization of the Office of the President, the father of the nation.

Garba Shehu is uncouth, rude, crude, uncultured, disrespectful and indisciplined. He is a media tout, a brigandage, a hired writer or a mercenary, as well as an “Area Boy.”

Most of the problems our President is having today are caused by Garba Shehu. He pitches the President against the people, by manufacturing tissues of lies, which he sells to the President, and to the general public, thereby setting the entire place in commotion.

Look at the problem Garba Shehu has been causing in the Presidency: between the President and his Wife, between the Wife of the President and the Cabals in Aso Rock, etc.

That Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka had told President Buhari to quit the stage or be impeached, since he was unable to quench the fire that has engulfed the house, Garba Shehu want us to believe that it was because Mbaka had asked for contracts from Buhari, which he did not get. Who would believe him?

Let Garba Shehu address the issues which Father Mbaka raised that Nigeria is burning, that people are dying everyday, are being kidnapped, youths roaming the streets without jobs, etc., and that the government was not doing anything tangible to stem the tide, rather than raise unrelated issue of contracts requested, but not given.

In any case, as far as we are concerned, we see nothing wrong if Father Mbaka had requested for contracts from President Buhari. Mbaka is entitled to it, because he worked for it, priest or no priest. He is also a full-blooded Nigerian.

Garba Shehu had told us that Father Mbaka had been supportive of Buhari’s elections in 2015 and 2019, so, why wouldn’t the man be compensated with contracts, if actually he had requested for them?

We know that President Buhari has been awarding contracts to his cronies, and appointing his Fulani kinsmen to lucrative positions in his administration, so he should not have looked the other way when Father Mbaka came with his own request. That would be injustice.

So, notwithstanding Garba Shehu’s tantrums, we firmly stand with Father Mbaka that President Muhammadu Buhari should throw in the towel, since has not been able to tackle the rising insecurity in the country. We have waited for him for six years and nothing positive has come.

Dr. Dons Eze KSJI

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