The Presidency on Sunday cleared the air on the varying interpretations drawn from the concluding remarks of President Muhammadu Buhari, during his visit to Imo state on Thursday.

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, explained this in a statement titled, ‘What President Buhari said (didn’t say) in Imo State’.

The statement read, “We have observed that President Buhari’s concluding remarks at the meeting with South-East leaders during his one-day visit to Imo State is being deliberately contorted and twisted out of context.

“The purveyors of disinformation want Nigerians to believe that the President bluntly told Governor Uzodinma, ‘I’ll be careful with your future invitations.’

“They have adduced different meanings to the phrase, contrary to the context wherein the President spoke during his successful dialogue with leaders of thought from Igbo land.”

Adesina quoted the President as saying, “He (Governor Uzodimma) didn’t tell me he was going to get the whole Igbo leadership here. So, in the future, when he invites me, I’ll know what to do. But I think he has done what the military didn’t like. He has achieved surprise. He has surprised me beyond description.”

Concluding, Buhari referenced his earlier remarks on the “surprise” action pulled by the governor. On a lighter note, he quipped: “Governor of Imo State, I cannot thank you enough, but I will be careful with your future invitations.”

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