You will hardly know how any Nigerian behaves until you give him a chance, or entrust with position of responsibility. Then, he would reveal his his true nature, his identify.

We have always held the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, in high esteem. He is a professor of law, a senior advocate of Nigeria, and above all, a Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. We therefore thought Osinbajo to be broadminded, urbane and universalistic. We had not in any way associated him with harbouring any sectional or clannish interest.

But look at the list containing names of some of Vice President Osibanjo’s aides who were allegedly sacked by the Presidency. They clearly reflect or bear testimony to the particular part of the country where Vice President Osinbajo comes from.

We are not going to make any further comment on this, but to publish the list as we saw it, and then allow the reader to draw his or her own conclusion.

Here are some of the names and the portfolios of Vice President Osinbajo’s aides that were recently sacked by the Presidency.

1. Jibola Ajayi – SA Legal

2. Lanre Osinbona – SAA ICT

3. Imeh Okon. – SSA Infrastructure

4. Jide Awolowo – SA Oil & Gas

5. Lilian Idiage – SA Research, Legal and Compliance

6. Arukino Umokoro – SSA Niger Delta

7. Bala Liman Mohammed – SA Economy

8. Edobor Iyamu – SA Niger Delta

9. Dalapo Bright – SSA Agro Allied Value Chain

10. Toyosi Onaolopo – SA Community Engagement

11. Gambo Manzo – SA Political

12. Bisi Igungbemi – SA Political

13. Edrin Akemu – SA Industry, Trade & Investment

14. Akin Soetan – STA Economic Matters

15. Aondaver Kuttuh – TA Rule of law

16. Ife Adebayo – SA Innovation

17. Yusuf Ali – SA Power Regulations

18. Tola Asekun – SA National Boundary Commission

19. Morakinyo Beckley – SA Off grid power

20. Yosola Akanbi – SSA NEC

21. Tochi Nwachukwu – SA Power Privatisation

22. Bode Gbore – SSA Political

23. Abdulrahman Baffa Yola – SA Political

24. Kolade Sofola – SA Infrastructure

25. Ebi Awosika – STA Community Engagement

26. Muyiwa Abiodun – SSA Power

27. Forri Samson Banu – SA Entrepreneurship

28. Bege Bala – SA BPR

29. Feyishayo Aina – SA Community Engagement

30. Halima Bawa – SA community Engagement

31. Nkechi Chukwueke – SA Community Engagement

32. Ilsa Essien – SA Media

This is just a tip of the iceberg. We do not know the identity of the several others remaining. If you go to the Office of the President himself, a similar scenario may have played out.

Any wonder why every Nigerian wants his own sectional or regional President, a President who is identified with his own particular part of the country, and not a Nigerian President, a President who sees himself as belonging to all Nigerians, and who sees every part of the country as his constituency. That’s why Nigeria is finding it difficult to grow.

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