The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City in Israel is also known as The Western Wall, Solomon’s Wall or the “Place of weeping”.

The wall is made of thick limestone of about 60 feet high and close to 160 feet long.

This wall is the sacred and holiest place in the Jewish culture and the only thing remaining of the Old Jerusalem after the city was completely destroyed.

Due to people coming to the site to cry at the foot of the wall, it wall was nicknamed “Wailing Wall”.

Up till date, Scientists have been unable to explain the tears like water drop seen on the wall.

However, the last time the wall was reported to cry was in 1940. This is quite mysterious.

People visit the wall to pray and they leave their prayer notes or prayer requests written in tiny papers in the cracks of the wailing wall.

It is believed that the prayer request on the tiny paper inserted into the cracks of the wall always get answered.

It is reported that the tiny notes are removed twice a year from the wailing wall and buried on the Mount of Olives.

The Wailing Wall is believed to produce strong energy that makes it seem alive and people who visit the place leave there with the feeling of inner peace.

The Wailing Wall should be your first point of contact if you are planning on taking a trip to Israel.

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