Some few years ago, many people in Nigeria had thought Muhammadu Buhari to be next to God. They saw him as super human, and one who had the magic wand with which to solve all the country’s problems. He was revered,  he was adored, and he was almost worshipped.

When finally he was pronounced as the winner of 2015 Presidential election after three previous failed attempts, many of these people were overjoyed. They saw it as the dawn of a new era, and the end of all their problems.

Some enthusiastic young men came out in their numbers to announce that they were trekking for Buhari: from Katsina to Abuja, from Sokoto to Lagos, from Calabar to Maidugiri, etc. 

Buhari had promised them jobs. He had promised them an el dorado, a heaven on earth. He had told them that he would make petrol to sell at N45 a litre, that our Naira would exchange one on one with the United States dollar, that a bag of rice would sell at N5,000, and that there would be no more suffering in the country, etc.

He had told them that no Nigerian would ever travel abroad to access medical attention because he was going to make all the health institutions in the country very effective and very efficient, with the provision of the state of the art facilities.

He had told them that he would end Boko Haram and every other form of insurgency in the country in one fell swoop, that all the Chibok girls would be released without delay, that he would end all forms of corrupt practices, that all the stolen funds would be recovered and paid into the government treasury, etc.

Three years down the line, however, many of these people are now singing a new tune. They are now calling for the head of Muhamnadu Buhari. Nobody treks for him anymore. 

Buhari is now no longer the saviour they had envisaged. He has become a failure. He has failed to wipe out Boko Haram and to rescue the Chibok girls. He has allowed Fulani herdsmen to fester, to cause mayhem on innocent Nigerians, killing and maiming them in their numbers. 

He has failed to provide employment to millions of Nigerian youths who daily pound the streets looking for no existent jobs, thereby forcing some of them into cultism, armed robbery and prostitution.

He has failed to make our health institutions functional and efficient through the provision of necessary facilities. He has even passed a vote of no confidence on our own system when he elected to stay up to six months in a foreign country receiving medical attention.

He has failed to stop corruption and other malfeasance in public offices. He has failed to recover all the looted funds and have them paid into the government treasury.

He has failed to stop our police men and women from asking for “roger” and “waitin you carry” along the roads, and at street corners.

He has failed to make our Naira to square even with the United States dollar. He has failed to make a litre of petrol to sell at N45 and a bag of rice to sell at N5,000. He has failed to stop epileptic electricity supply in the country. In fact, it is even worse now.

They now believe Muhamnadu Buhari to be an ordinary human being. He is no longer super human, a mini god which they had thought him to be. He is just like every other Nigerian politician who can make so many promises, but when they ascend the throne, will not fulfil them. Indeed, he has been dymystified.

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