Here are some people’s reactions pertaining the position of the Catholic Church on same sex marriage as featured on our pages on Wednesday


May Angels of God watch over the Church of God from the perils of darkness.
God bless the church that it would continue to light our darkest world which is enveloping humanity.
Amen – Alhaji Gimba


Such people should be sent to boko haram enclaves to do them as it’s pleases them, for abominable conduct such as same sex cohabitation can not be tolerated in sane and decent society, it’s not only abhorrent, repulsive,unnatural,a debasement that should attract immediate destruction of such persons found remotely culpable – John U. Azubuike


To God be the glory. May God continue to protect our Holy Father, Pope Francis. Dominic Eyong


In their own wisdom, if we obeyed them the planet earth will not be inhabited by human race by 2100 AD
Abduraham Adoza


Same sex marriage is unthinkable, ungodly should be totally condemned by all people John Godson


This is the best news of 2021 – Herex Best


Kudos to Catholic church, we are now waiting to here from Anglican – Hasan Abdullahi


We pray other churches apart from catholic will obey the Pope to save future generations from this madness. Ahmed Shuaib


Although the post on the Pope’s position on homosexuality is strictly not in line with the core objectives of this platform, I am constrained to respond because we are here to learn from each other. Most of the people pontificating against homosexuality, including the Pope, are either motivated by religion or are not acquainted with the growing body of literature showing that sexuality in humans is an extremely complex phenomenon with both genetic and environmental components that interact in various ways to determine the sexual orientation of individuals, and that the mechanism occasionally leads to different forms of homoeroticism. It is pathetic that in the twenty-first century when scientific knowledge has shed serious light on even the most intimate aspect of our lives, educated people still cling dogmatically to the pronouncements of largely ignorant primitive pastoral peoples (mostly men) who had very little scientific understanding of human sexuality in its diverse manifestations. As Prof. Robert Solomon argued, whatever human beings are capable of is as natural (or unnatural) as any other. I just cannot understand why the sexual preferences if an adult should be my business as long as it does not affect me in any way. I am convinced that until people jettison religion and allow established scientific knowledge to guide their choices and decisions, most of them will continue to chase shadows. Why would a God that alleged created the universe containing trillions of stars be interested in the sexul preferences or orientations of a species in a small planet orbiting an average star? The whole thing sounds so absurd. That is why I always advise people to stay away from religion because it is extremely hazardous to the intellect. Douglas Anele


If you as an earthly father are interested in welfare of your children and are doing everything to make them comfortable… that’s why God created them a male and a female.. not male/ male.. female/ female.. chosing the other side to me means that you can allow your child to eat from the (anus) when he or she can comfortably eat from the mouth.Well! The way one chose to do things or see things show’s how narrow minded they are… everyone is a believer but it all depends on what you believe..I suppose
Chineduano Okpara


I’m sorry to say that your submission lack both substance and merit. You have not given us any convincing reasons and evidence why Pope’s position should not uphold. I still cannot find the crux of your argument why people should jettison religion.
Thanks Bart Aleke Ph.D


Bro Dons, this is wonderful. There should never be any excuse for such inhuman and awful behaviour. Thanks for the exposé – Cy Eneh, Onogolu


It is good to know the position of the Roman Catholic Church on sexual inversion. It is a disease that must not be allowed to fester. Reuben ONYISHI


President Biden should be expelled from the Catholic Church. 🤣😷🤫 Chudi Onuoha


The Pope have spoken and have cleared earlier doubt. The essay in itself is articulated, captivating and a very good narrative. I kept reading until the last word. Thanks my erodite. Emeka Ojiogu


We thank God as Pope has in a strong term denounced gay marriage. It is the mind of God and l believe priests and ministers will strictly adhere to it. Thanks. – Sunday Joshua


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