Now I can proudly claim to be a dot in the circle, please read a wonderful write up by a real Igbo man and not some efulefus.

Onye m ka mma, akó la m onu..
Me that is proudly from the encircled dot.. from the big dot in the most useless circle of the world.. The dot that is the center of gravity.. The focal point of wealth, Wisdom, education, business, etc. The dot that determines the radius and diameter of all activities in the Land.. the reference point.. The bull’s eye!
It’s until you have a dot, your sentence is not complete.. The nomadic commas, that can not form a complete sentence are claiming landlock..
Like daddy Achebe wrote, if the center cannot hold, things fall apart and mere anarchy is ruled upon the land.. I am that center!
I am a stalk of that dot that got only £20 pounds and it regenerated to Billions in less than a decade.. yet a man who has 150 cows since 1984 has the mouth to utter rubbish against me!
I am from the dot.. the origin of life!
The spot where all Goodness begin! The dot that has a special language that the youths understand.. Not the whines of wolves and baboons that encircle me, yet we are protected above all Nations!..
How can I fear a man who speaks only Fulfulde to his misled brothers and cows and thinks he can speak a language I don’t understand..
The man of dementia says the dot is encircled and landlocked with no access to anything but does not know that the dot is connected to everything and no part of the diameter or radius is determined without passing through the dot.. I am left to wonder what all the water bodies surrounding Nigeria contributes to the GDP..
I belong to the dot..
I am onye spare part..
The one that has spare parts shops everywhere. The one that Buhari says he has properties all over the country.. I am from that dot that is so rich that I can buy up your lands and even your ancestors graves and dig pit toilets on them..
Yet an encircler who roams about my bushes and can’t pay for a room with a mat as his only property is proudly talking trash on national TV..
I belong to that dot that produces cars, imports and exports everything. Collectively the 6th richest ethnic in the world and 4th most travelled in the world.. yet threatened by an onions producer, whose farms are even funded by CBN loans generated from revenue of the dots..
Dear comma, hyphen, apostrophe, semi column, bracket etc.. I am from that dot that worries your Heart.. the dot that will make you come to Yoruba land and not mention Sunday Igboho but sing Nnamdi Kanu..
The dot that makes you go to North and not mention Abubakar Shekau but only talk about Nnamdi Kanu, anywhere anytime and any how..
Leave me alone! Leave the black dot in this broken circle alone or you will die and they will still think its PDP vs APC that killed you..
I am proudly a dot..
Biafran Dot..
Onye spare parts.

©️ Bishops Edwin

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