Fulani herdsmen are a special group in Nigeria. They are privileged people. They are precious and very dear to the Federal Government of Nigeria. Fulani herdsmen are not allowed to suffer any harm, but are allowed to commit all sorts of crimes on other Nigerians and nothing will happen to them.

Fulani herdsmen have no territorial boundaries. They own every place in Nigeria. That is why they will freely enter into people’s farmlands, gardens, fields, free spaces, etc., with their cattle, to destroy anything on sight, houses, crops, vegetables, farmlands, flowers, etc. and everybody will be looking at them, not able to do anything.

Fulani herdsmen no longer go with sticks, bows and arrows, which were their normal trade mark. They are now armed with most sophisticated weapons like AK 47 rifles and other modern instruments of war with which they invade towns and villages, destroy houses and farmlands, maim and kill people at random, rape their wives and daughters, and pillage their property, etc.

Fulani herdsmen enjoy special treatment and special privileges from the Federal Government of Nigeria. They have the immunity, such that no matter whatever they do, whatever crime they commit, nothing is going to happen to them.

That is why when groups like the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who bear no arms and do not harm anybody, are proscribed and declared terrorists, Fulani herdsmen, who go about with sophisticated weapons, and use them to maim, kill and rape women, who kidnap and destroy houses and farmlands, are pampered and given red carpet treatments.

As a special group, the Federal Government will compulsorily acquire people’s land, without paying them compensation. They will call the land, cattle colonies and will hand the land over to Fulani herdsmen, and ask them to use the place to breed their cattle. The government will further use taxpayer’s money to import special grasses from some foreign countries and also give them to Fulani herdsmen to feed their cattle.

But when the Fulani herdsmen will sell the cattle, the money they realize will go into their own private pockets, and not into the pocket of the Federal Government! In other words, the government will be using public money to fund private economic activity, or private business.

Now, the Federal Government of Nigeria has acquired a special radio station, an Amplitude Modulation (AM) radio broadcast license for the Fulani herdsmen as part of measures to enhance nomadic education.

According to the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, the radio station which will operate on frequency of 720KHz, would air only in Fulani language to reach Fulani herdsmen on all locations across the length and breadth of the country.

He said that plans were under way to secure funds for the procurement and installation of requisite transmission equipment for the successful take off of the radio station.

The Minister stated that “the radio service will serve as a vehicle for social mobilization and education in addition to interactive radio instruction methodology that will be adopted to reach the very hard to reach segment of our target population”.

That is very good for a special crop of people. When in 2015, the present administration came on board, one of the first things it did was to declare Radio Biafra an anathema and tried to stop its broadcasts, by unsuccessfully jamming its frequency.

Now, the the same Federal Government has acquired a radio station free of charge for Fulani herdsmen. Only God knows what they would be discussing in that radio station since the language to be used would be in Fulfude, the original Fulani language, and not even the Hausa language.

God help us in Nigeria

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