In the past four years, they had treated us with the theatre of the absurd. They had kept telling us that there was no proper handing over by the previous administration, that they had inherited an empty treasury, a ruined economy, and a corrupt political system, from the past administration, etc.

They equally had blamed the legislative and the judicial branches of government for their woes, their inability or failure to perform, by not cooperating with them and by thwarting all their wonderful plans aimed at revamping the economy, as well as in their fight against corruption.

They complained of a hostile legislature that had refused to see things the way they saw them, a legislature that had been blocking all their excellent plans, and good packages aimed at improving the lot of the people.

They also complained of inheriting a compromised judiciary that was not in tandem with their plans in the fight against corruption.

As such, all we all had witnessed or heard in the first stanza of the present administration, was four years of excuses, four years of blame games, four years of failing to take responsibility for anything, four years of playing the ostrich, four years of motion without any movement, etc.

Today, the situation has changed for the better, and we are very happy about that. We are happy that our President has won his second term reelection bid and that he has handed over power to himself. We are happy that he has nobody to blame if he fails to perform.

We are happy that the administration had in the past four years fought corruption to a standstill, and that all the monies they generated has been properly safe guarded and will now be utilized to rubricate the economy.

We however believe that if there still remained any stink, anything bad in the system, caused by the PDP misrule, it ought to have by now been completely removed or destroyed.

We are also happy that our President has now captured the legislature by ensuring that all the principal offices of the two legislative chambers are firmly under his control, which means that we now have a very loyal and compliant legislature, a legislature that is no more than a department of the executive arm of government.

We observe that our President had earlier humbled the judiciary by getting his men to raid the homes of some suspected compromised judicial officers in order to intimidate them or to secure their loyalty. He later sent its head packing, and consequently picked his loyalist as replacement. Accordingly, the two arms of government are now firmly under the control of our indefatigable President. We congratulate him for that.

In the light of the forgoing, there is going to be no more excuses, no more blame games, no more failure to take responsibility by our President. Since he is now fully in charge, we look forward for him to begin to hit the ground running immediately.

In 2015, it took our President almost six months to appoint his ministers and constitute his cabinet due, no doubt, to PDP misrule. This time around, since the PDP has been decimated, and he has handed over to himself, we hope that it is not going take a similar length of time.

We warmly welcome our President’s speech during the last Democracy Day celebration, where he had stated that his overriding ambition was to continue to work for unity, peace, progress and prosperity of Nigeria. According to him, “I can therefore do no more than dedicate the rest of my life to work for the unity of Nigeria and the upliftment of Nigerians”.

Here, our President has made no distinction. His focus is on the “unity of Nigeria and the upliftment of Nigerians”. Our President has hit the nail by the head and we are very happy about that. It is a statement, which every patriotic Nigerian should be proud of.

We know that our President has never wavered in working for the unity of the country, we know that he has never discriminated. He has never treated any part of Nigeria differently both in appointments and in the provision of amenities and the siting of government projects. He takes the entire country as his constituency and all the people of Nigeria as his own.

As a matter of fact, we do not like those who raise unnecessary dusts, who create worthless sentiments, and who make useless noises about their people being marginalized or being schemed out of the system. We really cannot understand what these people mean.

By the way, we really do not see anything wrong in someone deciding to reward his trusted allies, those who stood with him in thickness and thorns, in whatever way he wants, including giving them all the lucrative appointments available, even if all of them were to come from his own village and pray to the same God. If they call it nepotism, so be it.

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