Now that two cases of the deadly coronavirus has been confirmed in Enugu State, the immediate reaction should not be to begin to panic, or spreading unnecessary rumours about the disease, but to adopt all necessary precautionary measures to ensure the early containment of the epidemic, and prevent it from spreading.

First, all those who were suspected to have had contacts with these two cases should be identified and reported to relevant authorities so as to be quarantined.

The two people who were said to have voluntarily reported themselves to the hospital on their return from the United Kingdom and tested positive, should be openly commended for their patriotism.

This will make other returnees from outside the country to copy from their example and report themselves to relevant authorities for testing.

Then, all those exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus, should equally report themselves to the authorities to be equally tested and quarantined.

It is good that the Enugu State government has announced the closure of various markets in the state as well as its land borders with effect from March 31, but the government should go further to ensure strict compliance to its already issued regulations, like avoiding public gatherings, non-attendance to weddings and burial ceremonies, as well as the number of persons allowed in buses and other public transportation systems, etc.

If people of the state were to comply with the sit at home order issued by government and maintain social distancing, coronavirus epidemic will eventually leave the state, and the country at large, in no distant time.

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