Yakubu Gowon is kept on this planet for a purpose. He, probably is the last among the major instigators of the Nigerian Civil War. His life, is an intent revealing gift from the owner of the universe. I don’t envy him. The least I would ask the owner of life is the longevity with He cursed Jack ( Gowon)

He listened to the Caliphate. He allowed himself to be used by the sons of the Tuaregs, and the descendants of the Bedouin Arabs. Gowon, found in Fulani’s, the brotherhood he cherished, and allowed himself serve as accessory for the actualisation of the second most outstanding genocide in the black race

Gowon’s MiddleBelt was not spared as hundreds of her senior officers perished in a war her Son would have averted. Gowon embarked on self immolation: he reduced Biafra in an attempt to bloat his tenants, the Fulanis. But he succeeded in destroying the fortunes of the great prestigious Langtans.

Today, Middlebelt is the worst hit. Gowon’s Langtan has nothing to show for all the bloodshed and human sacrifices that led to the consolidation of Fulani hegemony. The great middle belt fought and won the war for Nigeria. And she paid, and is still paying heavily for it. Gowon, thought that he would escape the long arms of Karma . For sure he can’t. He chained his people and reduced the once gallant, daring and sedentary middle belt to slaves . They lost their culture, their religion, language, and more pathetic among the woes is the total loss of identity.

Gowon is kept alive, to witness the gradual laceration and decimation of his own people. This is the race he had power to protect. Gowon definitely mark his centenary on earth, staying long enough to mourn and groan. He is solely responsible for the horrific and gruesome experiences of the indigenous tribes in the middle belt. From the Bachama, to Nupe, to Igala, down to Egede and TIV’s, Gowon’s mistake stands indelible

Gowon’s Pankshin is in ruins. Jos is desolate. Ortom is shedding tears. The Fulanis have taken control of the farmlands of the TIV’s and the riversides of the Jukuns as Gowon crisscrosses the nation with his ECWA Bible clutched in between his Parkinson diseased palms. His Nigeria Prays Project is keeping him busy and conscious too.

The wicked will never go unpunished. Akwaa Akwuru Umuobom doesn’t envy him.

The more Gowon hangs around, the more he hangs his joys



The law of karma is real. Gowon is still alive but he’s a dead man spiritually. He wears pains of regret all over his body for the lives of innocent igbos he wasted. The people he fought and killed igbos for are now decimating, pillaging and exterminating his people.

When a person does evil, that same evil will turn around to hurt the person.

Today, Yakubu Gowon is a Bible teacher and a convener of Nigeria Prays Project, an after thought prayer group that prays while his people are killed like fowls on a daily basis without any panacea in sight.

What a painful life Gowon is going through??😭😭

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