When President Muhammadu Buhari belatedly addressed the nation last Sunday night, more than one month after coronavirus pandemic entered the country, he merely reechoed what the various state governors who seized the initiative from him had said: that Nigerians should stay at home, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In other words, before Buhari made his speech, we have already have been staying at home on the directive of various state governors. Government offices were closed, schools were shut, so also were boundaries between various states and people from other states barred from coming in.

As far as we are concerned, therefore, President Buhari, in his broadcast, had not told us anything new. What he said was already in operation.

If the federal government is giving moratorium on Trader Moni and Conditional Cash Transfer, it is only for those who benefited from the scheme, while school children who are already in their homes would not have been benefiting from the school meal programme, which the President announced should continue.

With the government’s directive for everybody to stay at home, except those on essential services, to prevent the spread of coronavirus,

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