The saying “good name is better than silver and gold”, is what is playing out in Enugu state politics of 2023. Enugu for sure has its share of this serious tectonic shift in values that has probably changed Nigerian politics forever. And we have Peter Obi, the Labour Party and their followers, Obidients to thank for this.

Few days ago, the Labour Party gubernatorial candidate in Enugu state, Hon. Barr. Chijioke Edeoga was received by a tumultuous crowd of his people in Eha-Amufu in Isi-Uzo local government area.

It was more than a carnival as people openly showed their love and pride in him. They were happy with everything their son has become especially as he now popularly represents a new hope for his state and it’s much harassed citizens. They were happy that Chijioke Edeoga has become the rallying point of all decent people of Enugu state in their quest for a new state. They are proud that what is driving their son is not money and other mundane values but integrity. So, they were happy to proclaim they raised him well to be as a good son should be.

And to reaffirm this, when he stood up to talk to his people, he said a few words that reached far and wide, taking deep roots in the many hearts of Enugu people that had heard him clearly. Edeoga told his people since he has been in public service, he has never stolen from the state or anyone. He said he has never been invited by the EFCC or imprisoned for any crime. Eha people wildly cheered in agreement.

Can Peter Mbah Stand before his Owo people to say the same? Can he stand before the people of Enugu state to whisper what Chijioke Edeoga had proudly stood in a pedestal of honour before his people to shout to the hearing of the whole world, that he has never stolen from Enugu state?

Can Peter Mbah look us straight in the eyes to say he has never been arrested and detained by the EFCC for stealing billions from Enugu state government? Can he be bold to tell Enugu people why he was imprisoned in Abuja for ten months, whether he was Mandela fighting for our freedom? Can he be truthful enough to say how he was only freed after a plea bargain during court trial where they owned up to some of their crimes and relinquished part of what they stole in other to be let go on others? Go and google what plea bargain means.

Part of what his supporters were celebrating that he had over Edeoga was his “massive war chest.” Ok. Can he now tell them how he came about this so called massive war chest? They were also talking about how his Pinnacle Oil was phenomenal. Can Mbah now tell them how and where he got the money to establish it? Did he inherit money from his father or win a lottery?

It will be good too if Mbah can stand before his people and tell them what he and his company did to our country they economically sabotaged and once again stole from by receiving billions as subsidy payments for products never supplied. Let him also talk about the billions of poor people’s money they borrowed from banks they never have the intention of paying of which AMCON have been harassing them and the EFCC may still come for him.

But I doubt if Peter Mbah will ever have the temerity to do these. The era of those who stole us poor coming for us to celebrate them and reward their unpardonable crimes against humanity with sensitive positions were gone forever. If Mbah’s name is everywhere for the wrong reasons and is in all the black books for shady dealings, how does it look he will ever take Enugu to the right place? It is typical.

Thank God Peter Mbah will not happen to Enugu state because it is no longer if one is a candidate of the big parties like PDP and APC but if he is an individual that the people can trust. And instead of ill gotten money, it is character, integrity and trust that are now the new currencies. Mbah has loads of stolen money. Edeoga has so much in real character, integrity and competence. These are the structures both are coming to face Enugu people with. Ndi Enugu will definitely make their right choice.

Till tomorrow, good name is better than money, especially when it is stolen, as the one they are trying to use to buy the people to enslave them more. But Enugu people are wiser. They know they cannot survive a second Ebeano rampage through their state they have kept underdeveloped for years.

God is bigger than those playing Him in Enugu state

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