This is not the time of partisanship. It is also not the time of sentiments or emotion, tribe or religion.  It is the time of looking facts in the face.  Time  of patriotism.  Time of seeking the survival of the black race. Time of seeking the survival Nigeria, because  Nigeria is the symbol of the black race,  the most populous black nation in the world. 

The Whiteman is very cunning.  He is at the same time very wicked.  He does not want any Blackman to look him in the face or to challenge him.  Each time there is a Blackman trying to raise his head,  the Whiteman will become uncomfortable. He will see him as an enemy,  believing that he is trying to outshine him. He will  declare war on him, to pull him down.    

Look at Patrice Lumumba. Look at Kwame Nkrumah.  Look at Amilcar Cabral. Look at Walter Rodney. Look at Tom Mboya. Look at Murtala Muhammed. Look at Samora Machel. Look at Thomas Sankara. Look at Muommer Ghadafi. These were black and African patriots who tried to look the Whiteman in the face,  but were all pulled down.  

In his first outing as military head of state,  Muhammadu Buhari tried to look the Whiteman in the face and to call his bluffs. He crated Umaru Dikko, ready to fly him from London to Nigeria, but the plan was fucked up in the last minute. This led to a diplomatic row between Nigeria and Britain. 

 But Buhari was not  perturbed.  He stood his ground and proceeded with his set out programmes.  In consequence, the Whiteman was not happy. He conspired with some elements within the Buhari’s ruling junta and they threw the man out. 

On coming back as civilian President, Buhari becomes much wiser. He becomes  completely a changed man.  Some people say that he has been brainwashed.  He now makes the Whiteman his best friend, the Archbishop of Cantebury and co. Each time he decides to have a rest, he makes London his abode. And whenever he falls sick, he flies to London and goes to a White doctor to treat him. 

While in London, Buhari will begin to open his mouth wide, to misrepresent facts, to disparage or insult his subjects, the people he was eletced to lead. Buhari who hardly talks while in Nigeria, will immediately become a parrot once he lands in London. This has made some people begin to ask why does Buhari always talk in London, and very often, off the mark?Did the Whiteman do him anything?

In 2015, no sooner had Buhari assumed the mantle of leadership than he boarded his Presidential Jet and landed in London began to tell the world that Nigerians were thieves and criminals, that the country itself was full of corrupt people, etc. 

Of course, nobody would want to associate with a thief or a criminal, or tô do any business with a corrupt person. That was when the foreign investors began to pull their investments out of Nigeria and refused to invest anymore in the country. As a result, the Nigerian economy collapsed, and many people began to experience untold some hardships. 

Prices of goods and services suddenly skyrocketted.  Our Naira jumped from N180 to $1 US,  to N500 to $1 US. Nigeria, which was before then, the largest economy in Africa and one of the fastest growing in the world,  suddenly went into recession. The excuse which the new administration gave was that the PDP which they had replaced had ruined the economy. 

Then, in the wake of incessant and wanton killings by the so-called Fulani herdsmen across the country and the failure by the administration to defeat the Boko Haram insurgents as promised, Buhari flew to London to tell the world that it was the people that Muommer Ghadafi trained that were causing the mayhem.

But Ghadafi died about six years ago and yet, we could not provide answer to the problem he created. Some people might be tempted to interpret it as incompetence.

Not yet done, Buhari while still in London equally told the whole world that Nigerian youths are lazy and uneducated and are only interested in free money. But that is not the correct assessment of Nigerian youths.

Nigerian youths are resourcesul. They are entreprising. They are hardworking. If their contributions are not being recognized here in Nigeria, go to the United States of America, go to Britain, go to Canada, go to Germany, go to Saudi Arabia, go to many other countries in the world, they are there holding strategic positions and lifting their economies.

The problem we have here in Nigeria is that the elders have refused to give the youths a chance. They have refused to create opportunities for them. Where is the free education that most of our elders had enjoyed? Where is the scholarship?Where is the bursary?They have all been abolished, in order to render the youths impotent, and emasculate them. The prayer of every good father is that his son should be greater than him. But those at the helm of affairs in Nigeria would wish to perpetually remain at the top. 

So if Nigerian youths are lazy and uneducated, Buhari is equally to be blamed because as somebody who has been in the corridors of power for the past 42 years, he has failed to create enabling environment for youths in Nigeria to  realize their potentials. 

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