For the irrepressible former Governor of Kaduna State who was impeached during the Second Republic due to his principled stance, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, Nigeria is a finished commodity. It is a time bomb waiting to explode at anytime.

The former Governor had weighed Nigeria in the balance and found it wanting. According to him, Nigeria is on tenterhooks and fast sliding into precipice. The situation is so bad that anything worse could happen at anytime, so soon.

The outspoken Governor in a Vanguard Newspaper interview lamented that Nigeria had borne too much in terms of bad leadership that a military coup as happened in Sudan or a civilian upheaval as in Venezuela was inevitable or the only option for the country.

He described the 2019 election as the worst that had ever happened in the history of the country, adding that none had witnessed the negative attributes associated with it.

While lamenting the current money politics in Nigeria where “money is the deciding factor of everything”, Balarabe Musa explained that “we now have leaders who are thieves and who have infected Nigerians to the level that virtually every Nigerian is a thief except two sets of people.

“The first set include those who never had the chance to steal at all, while the second set include those few people, the 000.1 percent, who by nature, would rather die than steal. So we expect the worst to happen in Nigeria, but it is a question of when?”, he stated with certainty.

According to him, “Nobody believed that those leaders of 1966 would not live forever, it was sin even to say something would happen and they would leave office, but it happened! And what was expected happened in 1966″.

The former Governor saw the current insecurity in the country, which he regretted the Federal Government had done very little to contain, to be part of the consequences of bad elections.

He maintained that the present administration would not do anything until it faces a balance of terror against it by which time it might be too late.

“Balance of terror is either a military coup or civil rebellion like it happened in Sudan and Venezuela. So this government is waiting for the balance of terror. In other words, they are waiting for forces that are more terrifying than they are before they do something”, he stated.

The former Governor maintained that not even the religious people would do anything to save Nigeria since the situation in the country had gone beyond redemption.

“Those who are religious are saying ‘may God bring peace’. For things to change for the better in Nigeria, there has to be a constitutional revolution, which means a peaceful change of the system without divide, but if this fails, as it happened in other countries, other forces are likely to take over.

“For instance, Iraqi is not at peace, Libya is not at peace, even those who have lesser problems like Sudan and Venezuela are not at peace.

“So what would make any Nigerian, who has commonsense, think that what is happening in these countries will not happen in Nigeria where human dignity does not exist, national development doesn’t exist, and only deceit and vote-buying win elections? God cannot be deceived”.

The words of our elders are words of wisdom. Let those who have ears listen.

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