When a butterfly thinks itself a bird, it loses its wings mid-flight. It is tragically reminded that fragile wings do not an eagle make.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is crying again. He is crying silently in the open but loudly to close friends. After years of imagining himself a political Maradona, he has finally learnt a bitter lesson. The moth has lost its wings mid-air! Its crash has become imminent. And this is just the beginning.

Ugwuanyi thought he was smarter than everybody. He went on a dribbling run. He dribbled his fellow politicians. They clapped for him. He ghosted past the poor electorate who voted him in. They sang his praises. He gave many aspirants who sought his approval to run for postions a sublime feint. They hailed him as the new Maradona. Then finally, he brought Chimaroke Nnamani back to political relevance and now Ugwuanyi is smouldering in the fire he kindled with his own hands. And that’s pathetic!

Whoever advised Ugwuanyi to resurrect Nnamani and his gory Ebeano political family must have set out to bury him alive. A burial without funeral. And now it has become clear that even fate had a hand in it.

The recent unravelling of Nnamani in the US has put Ugwuanyi and his anointed successor in the dock. And Ndi Enugu are both jury and judge over them now. His chosen one, Peter Mbah was fingered by the FBI for a despicable role in Nnamani’s sleazy squirreling away of Enugu’s 41.8m dollars into US banks. So, all doubts about Mbah’s shady past have evaporated under the heat of the FBI indictment. And suddenly, Ugwuanyi is standing alone in the cold, shivering with a tainted godfather behind him and a sullied political son before him. Who does he turn to now?

Not to his Nsukka kinsmen in whose faces he had spat in a reckless feat of arrogance when he told them point blank that he was not beholden to them because he bought his way into Enugu’s Lion Building. And certainly not to the good people of Enugu West to whom his administration has been an irritating failure that is best forgotten.

Folks say that Ugwunayi had shot himself in the foot when he decided to anoint Peter Mbah as his successor. Many people see it as provocative insensitivity for Ugwuanyi to seek to drag Enugu back to the valley of the shadow of death. When they look at Mbah, they see Chimaroke Nnamani with blood in tooth and claws. They see Ebeano and its heritage of tears and grief. It is widely agreed therefore, that Ugwunayi’s choice of Mbah is an act of sacrilege that must be punished at the polls. So, neither Ugwunayi nor Mbah stands a chance in the coming elections. For when there are actions, there are consequences.

For most opinion leaders in Enugu therefore, FBI’s indictment of Mbah and Nnamani is akin to a he-goat head falling into a he-goat bag. FBI has gracefully handed them the burial mat for Mbah’s political career and Ugwuanyi’s deserved retirement from public office. It makes little difference that Ugwunayi has decided to spend his remaining days in office emptying the treasury in a miscalculated attempt to buy over the people.

Whispers from The Lion Building indicate that Ugwuanyi has been soaked in grief since the FBI report surfaced. It is believed that the development has forced him to look in the mirror and the image that stares back at him induces tears. But while Ugwuanyi’s womanly tears are a regular spectacle in absurdity, what makes this case special though is that he brought this grief upon himself.

Nwobodo writes from Nara, Unateze.

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