Following speculations that the Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was sick and might have withdrawn from the race, Tinubu last night took to his verified tweeter handle to deny that he was dead and had withdrawn from the Presidential race.

Tinubu who was seen placed on a bicycle last night wrote: “Many have said I have died; others claim I have withdrawn from the presidential campaign.

“Well… Nope.

“This is the reality: I am strong, I am healthy and I am READY to serve Nigerians from Day One”.

Some angry Nigerians in reply however wrote;

“Lol, Very funny indeed, the Jagaban is trying to convince Nigerians that he’s fit. The drama has started oo, this is clearly a subterfuge and political gimmick.

“But if he’s truly sick, I wish him speedy recovery. We should not wish anybody death

“He should just know that Nigerians have woken up, such tricks won’t work anymore.

“Don’t be hoodwinked guys, don’t let anyone pull a wool over your eyes this time.

“The giant of Africa cannot be fooled this way by a machiavellian and megalomaniac”

Another one wrote: “It’s time to end this ugly circle, we can’t continue to reinforce failures and expect miracles to happen.

“God loves Nigeria. Baba is still in charge”

According to yet another writer: “Of a stationary bicycle in London A standby urchin should quickly bring him down from that contraption and tell him that ASO Rock is not an Olympic stadium before he mistakenly kicks something.”

Another one wrote: “Do anyone need any proof to know if you are still living? So only the walking living dead people make this kind of senseless statement.This is how late President Umaru Musa Ya’Adua matter started.

“To hold hold pen sign paper or bottle to drink water, Parkinson’s Disease no go allow am. Carrying Urine bag about with enuresis.Obidients press him neck yesterday.Then baba wey no well is now trying hard to whine & deceive people that he is capable.

“The era of rhetorics must be put behind Nigerians and that the electorate must sieve and interrogate the presidential candidates on their ideology, plans and governance style before making their choice”.

According to another writer: ” …Never again will anybody become Nigeria‚Äôs President through fake and unsubstantiated packaging.. You can continue to deceive your miscreants and urchins.

Stale propaganda. Tinubu should do press up on live video before Nigerians can believe that he is healthy. Okay…Tinubu is on physiotherapy.

“Omo you need to see the way people were just mocking this man.. It was like a comedy skits.

“Someone told me that his plan to rule Nigeria won’t WORK OUT

“I was trying to recover from the vawulence when another dude chipped in and said “he should EXERCISE patience till 2027”

People are just wicked… I was trying to recover again one dude out of no where, came out and said “if the video record pass seven seconds, they go write Tinubu put for Adieu papa”

Yet, according to another writer: “I’ve not read any reports saying Tinubu is dead or has dropped out of the race..

“The only news we’ve heard is that he has gone for he’s routine mending as the worn out tire that he is.

“Please Nigerians whatever you do, don’t allow APC return, unless you’ve a personal direct gain attached, then it’s understandable”.

Another one wrote: “Chaii this man desperation no get rival at all. Joke of a human being. After the organic Obidient rallies yesterday, baba wey no well is now trying to prove a useless point.

But if you like drive bulldozer or even caterpillar, Peter Obi we want.

“Peter Obi 2023 Who cares?

“Is that thing he’s wearing even sports wears?

“He thinks it is the other time that they use pictures to deceive the voters?

“Unfortunately for him, the youths have wizened up and they are even more intellectually savvy than most of these old and useless politicians who do not recognize it is time for them to quit the business of deceiving and looting.

“No be to dey package panla give us as Sardine. Leave this post ambition for people who are agile. If you refuse to give yourself rest, you might REST IN PEACE soon

“This sick man is a real crook and a scammer at best! How can he ride a bike for 5secs and tell us he is well.

“He is an invalid and unfit to rule!
He should go and enjoy his ill-gotten wealth for his remaining years! It’s only an unexposed urchin that will believe this gibberish…”

One other person wrote; “You ran away from the line of duty because your quivering hands cannot hold pen to sign some PEACE PACT? . Delegating important responsibility to your running mate?…indeed, you are just a PLACEHOLDER.

“I wish you quick recovery and more strength to witness your ultimate defeat and obliteration next year by ObiDatti

“No President can do everything under 8 years but all we need to see is improvement from past administrations ..this is what we expected to see with APC since 2015 unfortunately they took us make matters worse the brain behind the disaster in Aso Rock is campaigning instead of apologising to Nigeria… if we vote in someone above 70 next year, I will believe that Nigerians deserve the corrupt leaders they have…

“Who is fooling who?…I want to see behind the scene of this video…you can ride bicycle from London to Nigeria I won’t still vote for you…to hell with the tribe or religion…I stand gidigba with OBIDATTI….2023 is a victory year for OBIDATTI

“Don’t just come here to quote me with your empty skull oooo”

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