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With continued spate of kid­napping, killings and other terror related crimes across the country, analysts have taken President Bola Ahmaed Tinubu to the cleaners over what they termed his lackadaisical attitude and below average response to the growing insecurity and economic hardship in Nigeria.

There has been an increasing rate of killings, abductions and kidnapping of Nigerians, including clerics, business­men, traditional rulers and students in different parts of the country, a situation which has been creating fear and tension among citizens.

Ambassador Kalu Ofon Emmanuel, cleric and public affairs commentator, in an interview, stated that President Tinubu’s response to growing insecurity and eco­nomic hardship in Nigeria is absolutely not satisfactory and pleasant.

Dr Emmanuel, the Lagos State chap­ter president of the International Hu­man Rights Protection Service, Florida, USA, said it was unimaginable that the only thing President Tinubu could order the Inspector General of Police (IGP is to arrest criminals.

He stressed: “To me, that does not sound reasonable and sensible. It seems Mr. President lacks knowledge that the duty of the Nigeria Police is to arrest criminals and prosecute them.

“Moreover, such an order lacks merit for it is their core primary responsibility. It is like telling the police to start arrest­ing criminals.

“You do not know your responsibili­ties and/or you have not been executing your duties properly.”

Emmanuel continued: “The increas­ing rate of insecurity and economic predicament in Nigeria is beyond ex­pectations of people who voted Tinubu into power.

“People are killed every hour and kid­napped consequent upon negligence in insurance in order to have an adequate security system in the country.

“Suffice it to say that Mr President has forgotten he is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, that his or­der must be carried out, or the person he gives order who fails to execute it be fired.

“I want to believe that Mr President is hearing about the incessant killings and high level of insecurity in all the states and nothing substantial has been done about it.

“When someone who is related to him is killed or kidnapped that is when pos­sibly he could wake up to consciousness strategise on how to annihilate the ugly insecurity in the country.

“Just go to the Immigration offices and the country’s embassies, you would definitely be flabbergasted at the speed people are relocating to other countries for security and greener pastures.”

Emmanuel wondered why the in­cumbent government focused more on security, stressing that there cannot be any economic growth in an unsecured environment.

He added: “No investors and tourists can dare visit such places. That is the fundamental reason we are experiencing stagnated economic growth.

“Look at the exchange rate of the Dollar against the Naira and other cur­rencies’ to the Naira and you would un­derstand that Nigeria is suffocating to death and needs resuscitation.

Emmanuel stressed: “Currently in the area of economic predicament, people hardly feed to satisfaction and a greater percentage of Nigerians can’t afford one square meal.

“Prices of food stuff have skyrocket­ed to the extent that most people’s sala­ries cannot sustain them for one week.

“Just within the week, a family with 11 children had to sell two of their chil­dren in order to feed and to train the nine children.

“Amazingly, they will sell more of them when the money finishes. This is the highest level of hardship, suffering which has grossly become unbearable.

“This has undoubtedly resulted in immeasurable suffering, starvation, robbery, kidnapping which has turned out to become a lucrative business .

“Selling of human parts and numer­ous heinous atrocities are being perpe­trated on a daily basis.

“The very rich and poor are crying, hunger is on the rise. It is only God can proffer succor to salvage this highly dete­riorated situation Nigeria is confronted with.

“Thousands and millions of students are out of school and consequently no money. Our women have become pros­titutes just to feed their families, men committing all forms of atrocious things to sustain their families.

“Most people cannot afford to pay house rent, no job, no access to good medical treatment and good hospital facilities for immediate assistance and intervention. Many can’t afford nor have access to hospitals overseas. What a country!

“People are defenceless, afraid to trav­el long distances because of fear of being kidnapped. Farmers and market people cannot travel to some places for fear of being raped, kidnapped, and killed.

“It is high time Mr President stood up to face insecurity and hardship, econom­ic backwardness facing and challenging the country as a whole.”

Dr. Rexkennedy Saltlove, a political activist and public affairs analyst, stated that if Nigerians has ever had a leader or president who seemed aloof and far from the citizens vis-a-vis its security and eco­nomic challenges issue, we seemed to go from bad to worse from the previous ad­ministration till date.

Dr Saltlove, the President/Executive Director, Citizens Rights and Empow­erment Advocacy Initiative (CREMA Initiative), stated: “While Buhari’s lead­ership incompetence can be ‘forgiven’ for his economic and security failures, he was associated with a common cliché of constantly being in a state of ‘I am not aware’, and thus unable to manage the nation, that cannot be said of President Tinubu.

“It is very disheartening and disap­pointing that the acclaimed Jagaban, who is associated with the building of modern Lagos in terms of security and the economy (fifth largest in Africa), is far worse than what Buhari met and not attuned or in complete grasp of the situ­ation before him now.

“More disappointing is the fact, when a man tells you he can do it, he not only creates the problem, but also abandons you.

“Every decision and policies made by him and his team seem to plunge the nation into more economic and security despair and uncertainty and he does not know how to navigate the ship out of the storm he created.

“It is really disappointing that the president, who should be preferring solutions, is the one saying ‘Target of $1 trillion economy in danger, if insecurity persists’.

“Even ‘Mr. Unaware’, is aware of that. He is elected primarily to ensure the security of the nation and well being of the citizens through sound economic policies.

“The security situation is so bad that the rate of kidnapping ongoing at the Federal Capital (Territory (FCT) itself, the seat of government and the almighty federal might with national security outfit headquarters constant­ly under threats, is real putting salt on injury and literally poking fingers into our eyes in eyes, indicting and mocking the Federal Government.

Saltlove stressed: “The president’s body language is the hallmark of his attitude to the economy and security… while the nation’s economy plunges into more uncertainties with continued de­valuation of the naira and heightened insecurity, he is on a private visit abroad.

“While abroad, what we hear is paper grammar and academic exercise of high sounding vision and goals.

“The president and his teams should come out with proactive and pragmatic policies with far reaching impact on the citizens to secure them and cushion the effect of the economy going South daily. God help and bless suffering Nigerians.”

Comrade Aluh Moses Odeh, Nation­al Leader, All Middle Belt Youth Forum (AMBYF), stated: “Nigerians expected President Tinubu to hit the ground run­ning in tackling these known enemies that have menacing the country by bringing on board men and women that have practical knowledge that can deal squarely with the situation to restore the confidence of Nigerians, our Feder­al Capital Territory (FCT) has become a capital of terror with increasing inse­curity, with the killer armed herdsmen masquerading as members of the Mi­yatti Allah wreaking havoc in Nasarawa State, that is a stone throw from Abuja.

“It is feared that these terror gangs will take over the whole area from our conventional security forces, if the situ­ation is not nipped in the bud now.

“As it is today, I am of the opinion that Nigerians that are knowledgeable enough to pull the country out of this conundrum should not wait for our pres­ident to call on them to offer help with their expertise.

“It is crystal clear that some people may have the solution and should be will­ing to offer their services now to save the country.

“The growing insecurity and eco­nomic hardship in the country is alarm­ing as the government seems to depend only on a handful of business owners to grow its revenue as proceeds from oil sales could be dwindling or collected in advance by the previous administration.

“Government should look at other areas like reverse tourism, solid miner­als, etc, to boost its revenue and save the country and the citizens from economic hardship.

“Just this morning (Friday February 2, 2024) Daily Post reported that it was a bitter morning for maritime stakehold­ers as they woke to a rude shock that Cen­tral Bank of Nigeria (CBN) increased Customs exchange rate to N1,356.883/$ from N951.842/$ on imported goods.

“If this is confirmed to be true, then the CBN has no solution to the continued Naira slide.

“In fact, another implication of this singular act by the CBN is that there will be sporadic increase in prices of com­modities within the next few days, which will inflict more hardship on Nigerians.

“As it is today, one cannot predict that the end of insecurity and economic hard­ship is in sight, such that we will get over it soon, because almost on a daily basis, you wake to hear implementation of poli­cies that calls to question the competence of the members of Mr. President’s Team.

“Mr. President should sit up by call­ing on competent Nigerians to proffer solutions urgently to the growing insecu­rity and economic hardship in the land as we have endured the afflictions for more than seven months since he came to power.

“Nigerians now see our country as cursed, while several aggrieved citizens now openly place curses on the leaders due to the prevailing economic hardship and insecurity in the land.

“I don’t think Nigerians have enough strength to endure anymore. So, Mr. Pres­ident should act fast to save the nation.”

Dr Felix Nwosu, another analyst, and United Nations-POLAC Peace Awardee, stated that Nigerians should know that the current state of insecurity is a spill­over from past administrations.

Dr Nwosu stated: “Nigerians should give President Tinubu some time to put his house in order. To be frank, there are people trying to sabotage his second term ambition, if there will be any.

“My advice to President Ahmed bola Tinubu is to go more by actions than talking. My findings are that our lead­ers talk more and do less, making them­selves leaders for shows.

“Since advent of Boko Haram and the Independent Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), banditry and kidnapping and other pocket crimes here and there, it has never been easy for any Nigeria pres­ident right from the tenure of former President Goodluck Jonathan to former President Muhammadu Buhari and then to the incumbent Present Ahmed Bola Tinubu, it has been tug of war and one tragedy after another.

“Political gladiators are using the current situation to get at their oppo­nents to hit up the polity. The only thing I observed in the present government is that they are handling Nigerian issues with kid gloves as if they are not ready for anything. It really is.

“My advice to Nigerians since Presi­dent Tinubu is asking for some time, let us give him some time to put himself in order, but he should know that time waits for no one.

“Let him make use of the time avail­able, good government is about action, impact and peace and prosperity. If these things are not available in people’ lives, that government is a failed one.

“No president of any nation should be proud and bold to talk when his subjects are wallowing in abject poverty and in­security in land.

“He and his cabinet should not raise their heads high in the public space. Tinubu as an experienced politician should be on top of the game.

“He should be a game changer pres­ident among his peers. He should not allow political mafias to rubbish his mandate.

“Mr. President is watching and lis­tening to people’s complaints. Please, Mr President, I beg you to do something about the insecurity and hardship in the land.

“I know you can do it if you wish, sir. I know you have the will power to deliver. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

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DONS EZE, PhD, Political Philosopher and Journalist of over four decades standing, worked in several newspaper houses across the country, and rose to the positions of Editor and General Manager. A UNESCO Fellow in Journalism, Dr. Dons Eze, a prolific writer and author of many books, attended several courses on Journalism and Communication in both Nigeria and overseas, including a Postgraduate Course on Journalism at Warsaw, Poland; Strategic Communication and Practical Communication Approach at RIPA International, London, the United Kingdom, among others.

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