Nigerians Please, Leave Buhari’s Daughter Alone

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Why do Nigerians try to visit their anger on some innocent citizens? Why do they attack some wrong people, people who had no hands in whatever were their misfortunes, or their problems, those who did not do them anything?

Why do they, like the proverbial chicken, leave the knife that killed them, or is still killing them, and begin to bend their necks on the pot cooking them? Is it due to ignorance, misplaced aggression, or cowardice?

Certainly, Nigerians actually know those who were responsible for their sufferings. They know those in government, those who formulate or who design government policies that hurt them, that bring pains to them. These were the people they should have faced, rather than try to look sideways, to attack or to vent their spleen, their anger, on some innocent people, and pour their indignations on them.

What has Zahra, the daughter of our dear President, Muhammadu Buhari, got to do with the current situation in the country, the problems Nigerians claim to be passing through? What has she got to do with their sufferings? Why were they attacking the innocent girl? Whether Nigerians are dying in droves due to harsh government policies, is none of her business. She did not cause those problems, nor was she involved in formulating those policies that are hurting them. Therefore, Zahra should be left to live her life, to live it the way she chooses.

Those who attacked Zahra, taking it to be an indirect way of passing message to her father, President Muhammadu Buhari, so that he would change his policies, had missed the point. It would not have changed anything. Zahra was not in government, so she could not have influenced anything. It is even doubtful whether she would have any influence on her father, to make him adopt a different policy other than what he already had made up his mind.

Zahra, who is now married to one Alhaji Indimi, had revealed how she was attacked and bullied on the social media by many Nigerians, for decisions solely taken by her father.

Narrating her ordeal, Zahra stated that “2015 was when I knew what bullying was. It started with my photos going viral. I was having a yoga class and I was sweating, but people were busy sending my pictures up and down. People used it for their gain during the campaign”.

The President’s daughter then began to wonder why Nigerians should be attacking her for the actions of her father, since she was not part of his administration, nor did she take part on any decisions of government. She however said that she had prayed for those who bullied her online because she had learnt to move on with life.

You now can see why some people were very anxious, seriously pushing to have the law on “hate speech” enacted, so that they would put padlock on our lips, to permanently seal them. But we wonder why some people would be so heartless as to attack, or to pry into the private lives of those in government, or whose parents were in government? Why should they use the liberty of the social media to ridicule, malign, or abuse them, or cause them heartbreak? That would be too bad, an irresponsible act.

Some people however argue that since these people feed on public purse, they should not equally be immune from public eyes. In other words, they insist that the actions or activities of these predators should be mirrored or scrutinized.

Poor Zahra Buhari, sorry Indimi, look at how they have disturbed her peace, how they have posted her pictures everywhere, to mess her up, to ridicule her. That would be unfair. Why wouldn’t they allow her have her peace? Why should they use the liberty of the social media to begin to mess the young lady up? Whether or not Nigerians are suffering or dying in their hundreds as a result of her father’s policies, was not her problem.

She just happens to be the daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari. She was not responsible for whatever pains, or whatever sufferings, Nigerians may be passing through? She is not in government. Therefore, we should stop disturbing her. We should give the young lady some breathing space and allow her enjoy herself the best she could.

Ordinarily, Nigerians should have respect for certain offices and certain institutions. But due to their pettiness, due to their envy or jealously, they hardly do this. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they have respect for the dignified Office of the Daughter of their President? Yet, they carelessly took her pictures and posted them online. That would be insulting, the same way some useless cartoonists would draw the pictures of our President, to make mockery of him.

The other day, some one had the temerity, the audacity to buy a dog, and of all the names in the world, he chose to name it “Buhari”. Of course, the security agencies did not spare the idiot. They decided to make mince meat of him, and made him see his ears with his two eyes.

Now that the bill to regulate the social media is in the mill, it will definitely take care of all these irresponsible acts, and teach some people the bitter lesson, the lesson they would never forget in their lives. That would be when Nigerians in high places, together with members of their family, would begin to sleep with their two eyes closed, and no longer afraid of the prying eyes of some heartless individuals who are bent on making their lives miserable.

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DONS EZE, PhD, Political Philosopher and Journalist of over four decades standing, worked in several newspaper houses across the country, and rose to the positions of Editor and General Manager. A UNESCO Fellow in Journalism, Dr. Dons Eze, a prolific writer and author of many books, attended several courses on Journalism and Communication in both Nigeria and overseas, including a Postgraduate Course on Journalism at Warsaw, Poland; Strategic Communication and Practical Communication Approach at RIPA International, London, the United Kingdom, among others.

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