Osibanjo’s Dilemma 

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Professor Yemi Osibanjo, Oshimbado, apologies to PMB, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), is or was, a senior pastor with the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). More appropriately, Professor Osibanjo is now the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Before his metroric rise in politics, Professor Osibanjo was former Commissioner for Justice and Attorney General of Lagos State , “a mere commissioner”, apologies to Bukola Saraki. He was brought in as Vice Presidential candidate to Muhammadu Buhari, the Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who is a Muslim, to balance Nigeria’s sensitive religious divide.

On several occasions when Osibanjo acted for President Muhammadu Buhari when the President travelled overseas on medical vacation, he showed brilliance and performed creditably.  The economy responded positively and rapidly, began to improve. This shows that the man has something upstairs, only that he is working in a very strange environment.

Presently, Pastor Yemi Osibanjo is in a serious dilemma. The administration in which he is the Number Two Citizen is embarking on gradual but systematic islamization of Nigeria, but the man does not know, and if he knows, does not seem to know what to do. 

First, there was the alleged closure of Aso Rock Chapel where Christians at the Nation’s seat of power used to fellowship, and Pastor Osibanjo did not utter even a single word.  

Next, there is the ongoing brigandage and mayhem by  Fulani herdsmen across the middle belt and the southern states of the country, resulting to destruction of many precious lives and property. Not only that the Presidency did not deem it necessary to denounce or to try stem these attacks, Vice President Osibanjo has equally lost his  voice. All he could do was to counsel against reprisal attackd by some aggrieved citizens, urging them to continue to bear their pains with patience and fortitude. 

When Nigerians rose up in condemnation of the activities of these Fulani herdsmen, the administration began to propose the establishment of cattle colonies across the 36 states of the country. But Vice President Osibanjo does not seem to know the game plan, and if he knows, is incapacitated.

A cattle  colony runs like this. A state government will map out a parcel of land where the herdsmen will settle along with their cattle. The herdsmen will come with their wives and children. Remember, they do not  marry only one wife, but four wives. They will begin to breed children like rabbits. Before you know it, they are all over the place. 

Then, they will build mosques, Islamic schools and establish emirates there. They have now become the ownersof the place. If you try to resist it, they will descend on you with ferocious attacks. Ask the people of Jos about their experiences.

Historically, when the Fulani came from Futa Jalon to settle in what is now known as Nigeria about the fifteenth century, they came as subject people quietly living with their neighbours, until 1802, when they revolted with their leader, Othman Dan Fodio,  and established the Fulani caliphate that conquered most of Northern Nigeria and down to the Yoruba town of Ilorin. 

Vice President Osibanjo as a brilliant and  intelligent scholar, knows the political and religious undertones (in Islam, politics and religion always go hand in hand), behind the proposal to establish cattle colonies in all the 36 states in the country, but he will not raise a voice due to politicai exigencies. That is his problem.

The Bible specifically says that one can never serve two masters at a time, (Matt. 6:24), you either please one and displeased the other. That’s exactly what Vice President Osibanjo is trying to show that he is capable of doing. He is an ordained minister and he is also a political leader. 

Professor Osibanjo may be a brilliant, hardworking and loyal Vice President. He may be zealous and committed in performing his political duties, but can we say the same thing for Pastor Osibanjo in his calling as an ordained minister of the Church with regard to the programmes and policies of the current government? Not many people will stick their necks and swear to this.

 I do not believe that Pastor Yemi Osibanjo  does not know the religious and political implications of establishing cattle colonies in different states of the country, only that the man appears to be hedgy and protective of his job. Jesus Christ told the Church in Laodicea that they should either be hot or cold, and not warm, else they will be spit out of his mouth (Rev. 3:15).

In any case, why is the government shying away from asking the cattle herders to go into ranching, which is the modern practice across the world? That shows that some people somewhere have something up their sleeves.

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DONS EZE, PhD, Political Philosopher and Journalist of over four decades standing, worked in several newspaper houses across the country, and rose to the positions of Editor and General Manager. A UNESCO Fellow in Journalism, Dr. Dons Eze, a prolific writer and author of many books, attended several courses on Journalism and Communication in both Nigeria and overseas, including a Postgraduate Course on Journalism at Warsaw, Poland; Strategic Communication and Practical Communication Approach at RIPA International, London, the United Kingdom, among others.

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